Aloe Vera Punch


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Prep Time
5 Minutes

Aloe Vera is an amazing way to detox the body. Drink to your health!


• Aloe Vera
• 6 oranges
• Water cress
• 3 tbsp. honey
• ½ cup water


1. Remove Aloe Vera skin, wash making sure to remove slime between the pulp and the skin.
2. Juice Aloe Vera, water cress and oranges, placing them in the food chute of either your Oster® Juice Extractor or in your Oster Pro® blender jar.
3. If blending, use smoothie setting or blend on HIGH until smooth consistency is reached.
4. Pour into glass and add lemon juice, serve and drink immediately.

Aloe Vera is a medicinal plant with beneficial properties for losing weight, acts as a natural laxative, improving the digestive system; plus, it helps control cholesterol and triglycerides levels.


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